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Merry Christmas Everyone!


There are three things I love doing at Christmas. The first and most important part is eating a bucket-load of food. The second has to be the company – and that’s not just human – being surrounded by cats and wildlife fills me with a lot of happiness. Particularly the wildlife, especially when you spend all of your time in a grey city. The final thing that I love doing at Christmas is taking time to relax and write. And this is exactly what I’m doing right now – writing for all of you lovely people.

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5 Easy Ways You Can Save Money By Growing Your Own

5 Easy Ways You Can Save Money By Growing Your Own

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Every time I go into the supermarket and I look at the veg section I despair at how much money a packet of spinach is.

Spinach is one of the easiest things that you can grow. Yet, gardening is seen as this difficult thing that only people either with qualifications or with the time to spare can do. The same can be said about all of the dark leafy greens, as well as vegetables like peas, potatoes and tomatoes.

In this week’s blog I’m about to blow your mind.